Shopping in Dortmund

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What kind of shopper are you? Do you pay attention to low-price quality offers, are you oriented towards luxury goods or do you tend to make bargain purchases? In Dortmund city centre you will be able to shop however you want, because Dortmund is a proper shopping city. That is why making a shopping trip to the estuary city is a tradition in the surrounding area. So that you can get to know the variety of shopping options here there is a special selection of shops from the Dortmund city centre at the shopping guideEinkaufsführer from DORTMUNDtourismus.

City-Ring Dortmund

Increasing the attractiveness of Dortmund's centre is the task of the Cityring. It is a mouthpiece for traders, service providers and caterers in the city. Its marketing association finances and plans city festivals such as the »Hanseatic Market«, the »Wine Festival« and »Blooming Life«.
The City-Ring works together with many Dortmund institutions, in order to minimise inconvenience from building sites, to improve the car park routing system and to create oases of calm and children's playgrounds close to shopping, as well as the option of childcare. Analyses and measures for making the city more suitable for old people are currently being worked out with Dortmund University.  The Cityring also organises Sunday opening, so that Dortmund remains attractive for visitors.


Boulevard Kampstraße
Quality Route Dortmund


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