Going out & Shopping


Restaurant Guide

Dortmund always has a lot to offer in the way of culinary arts. New restaurants enrich the selection of traditional chefs, popular

beyond the city limits.


Whether it is fashionable clothes, art or jewellery, in Dortmund you find everything your

heart desires and your purse can afford.

Souvenir Shop

If you are looking for a souvenir, there is plenty to choose from at our souvenir shop.



Choose what you like: watch the latest family blockbusters in a multiplex cinema or visit independet picture houses.


Dortmund has a great reputation for its nightlife. It attracts people from all over the region eager to experience the buzzing mix of clubs and bars.


Colourful fruits, fresh bread, and fragrant flowers are a delight for the senses at the Dortmund weekly markets - definitely worth a visit.


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