Horse race course

race course © Kathrin Schickle, Rennbahn Bortmund race course © Kathrin Schickle, Rennbahn Bortmund race course © Gerd P. Müller, Stadt Dortmund

This is one of Germany's leading all-year horse racing courses. From November to April races take place on an all-weather sandtrack and for the rest of the year on grass. Not only horses and jockeys are well looked after here but also the spectators. The grandstands are glass-enclosed and heated so that neither wind nor rain can spoil the fun with the pounding hooves - only perhaps your pounding heart! In its 125 years of history the Dortmund Race Course has seen a number of people hit the Jackpot.


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Galopprennbahn Dortmund
Rennweg 70
44143 Dortmund

Tel.: +49 (0)231 5622660
Fax: +49 (0)231 56226625

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