Haus Bodelschwingh

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The moated castle Haus

Bodelschwingh, which was constructed upon oak posts, is one of the

best-preserved buildings of this kind in the Ruhrgebiet and is, as a medieval

moated castle from the 13th century, the biggest and most important moated

castle in Dortmund.

The castle, which includes a park and access yard, has been in family ownership

for more than 700 years and is not open to the public. In the framework of the

successful concept of "living and working" the utility buildings

grouped around the courtyard have been converted into modern residential and

commercial premises by the owner Baron zu Knyphausen. One can visit Schloss

Bodelschwingh 'virtually' on the Internet. Interested visitors can thus take a

look at the private grounds on photos and find out about the history of the



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