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Zeche Zollern (c) Hans Jürgen Landes

Your second day in Dortmund should begin with a hearty breakfast. After all, you’ve already completed the DORTMUNDvisit.24 hours and have experienced quite a lot. However, it’s not as if there’s nothing more to see. Even after day two, you still have many attractive reasons to return. The people of Dortmund would be happy to welcome you!

10:00 a.m. Coal, Coke, and Camaraderie

Visit one of the most extraordinary icons of industrial culture, the Zeche Zollern colliery in Dortmund-Bövinghausen. Don’t be confused when you arrive! Despite the magnificent brick facades, opulent crenellated gables and corner towers around the green cour d’honneur – coal was mined here. Besides, the resplendent impression of a noble’s residence was fully intentional. These “model mines” were intended to present the power and economic success of the Gelsenkirchener Bergwerks AG company. You should also have a look at the mine housing development Kolonie Landwehr with the director's villa and the houses of foremen and officials in the neighbourhood. It’s worth it!

12:30 p.m. Shopping Spree

Now you can take some time for a leisurely shopping tour. The City of Dortmund has everything available that makes shopping an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget your nap time, though. You've still got a lot to see and do.

3:00 p.m. Dortmund Beer

By the High Middle Ages, the city was granted the jus braxandi, the right to brew beer. This was the foundation for an industrial branch that would become one of the most important for a long time to come. In their heyday, the local breweries produced more than 7.5 million hectolitres of this traditional Dortmund beverage. Follow the footsteps of Dortmund’s major brewing tradition in the Dortmund Brewery Museum. Perhaps a tour with beer tasting will be offered while you're there!

7:00 p.m. Night in Dortmund

Now you can choose from a smorgasbord of options for your evening entertainment. You might choose to review all that you’ve seen during your Dortmund visit over a pleasant dinner in one of the many restaurants. Perhaps you’re more interested in fun, games, and excitement at the Casino Hohensyburg? There’s also surely a jazz session taking place in domicil or a typical regional cabaret in the Theater Olpketal or a concert from a great band in the Freizeitzentrum West. Of course, there’s probably much more to choose from.



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