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Take the whole family on an outing to Dortmund – what a great idea! Even young tourists can find a load of activities that are sure to please. What about travelling back in time to the Ice Age? Perhaps a visit to Walter the orang-utan or Sandra, the giant anteater? The largest tepee in the world is also surely a great destination. Even an extensive shopping stroll is fun for little ones, since there are many places to play and romp directly in the pedestrian zone. In summer, the water games in Mönchenwordt are especially popular – adults might want to keep their distance.

For an overview of Dortmund’s attractions for families, you can find important information at www.dortmund.de/Familie. There you’ll find tips for family-friendly restaurants, sample excursions, breast—feeding areas in the downtown area, and much more. Museums also offer family and children’s programmes, which are described on the respective websites.


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