Cabaret Queue
Hermannstr. 74, 44263 Dortmund
Restaurant - cocktail bar - bistro - variety theatre, the Cabaret Queue has many different faces. This theatre not only ...
Immermannstraße 29, 44147 Dortmund
Previously trams were repaired here, but today the Depot is a synonym for art, culture, and creative economy. A broad mix ...
Fletch Bizzel Variety Theatre
Humboldtstr.45, 44137 Dortmund
Ensemble, theatre, cultural workshop, and gallery – that is Fletch Bizzel. Since 1979 it has stood for events, ...
Hansa Theatre
Eckardtstr. 4a, 44263 Dortmund
This most recent addition to the Dortmund theatre scene has quickly established itself as part of the city's cultural ...
Hohensyburg Open-Air Theatre
Syburger Dorfstr. 60, 44267 Dortmund
In 1953 a small valley in the south of Dortmund was turned into a picturesque open-air theatre, successfully combining art ...
Roto Theatre
Gneisenaustr. 30, 44147 Dortmund
The Roto Theatre is Dortmund's literary theatre. It is well known throughout the region for its poetry sessions - from ...
Theater Dortmund
Kuhstr.12, 44137 Dortmund
  Theater Dortmund presents five different types of performances and now looks back on a tradition spanning 100 years. ...
Theater Olpketal
Olpketalstraße 90, 44229 Dortmund
 Here the theatre director and his alter ego Günna talk as frankly as the Dortmunders are known for. “People are ...


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