DASA (c) Hans Jürgen Landes

What would you like? A major opera or a jiving jazz session? Award-winning theatre performances or typical regional cabaret? Progressive media art or 18th and 19th century art collections? Independent cinemas or gambling? Art enthusiasts and culture-mongers can choose from a multifaceted selection of attractions and events. Regardless what you’re in the mood for, Dortmund will not be boring for you. Guaranteed! 
Are you interested in industrial culture? Hard work has always distinguished the Dortmunders and their city. Steel, beer, and coalmade Dortmund famous around the world. But today no miner can be found underground any more and the blast furnaces have closed down. Nevertheless, you can still feel the presence of times past, since the famous production sites from former times have new roles: they are simultaneously monuments, museums, and stages.


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